Takatu Vineyard Sustainability

The old biblical saying fruit of the vine, work of human hands encompasses our philosophy. We strive for viticulture excellence, with nearly all jobs in the vineyard done by hand.

Sustainable practices adhered to:

  • Rainwater is collected from our staff cottage roof
  • No irrigation in the vineyard. All vines are dry grown

  • No herbicide spraying under the vines themselves. All weeding is done by under-vine cultivation & mulchings are used under the vines

  • All sprays are applied with a Low Volume Sprayer using ¼ of the water used by traditional vineyard sprayers. This is done by controlling the droplet size of spray.
  • All fungicide sprays, as used by organic producers

  • Reusable bird netting is used to keep birds out prior to & leading up to Harvest time.
  • The utilization of territorial birds such as hawks to defend against birds that feed on grapes.

  • All prunings are mulched, sustaining natural fungal development within the soil, & avoiding the conventional method of burning.

The Community:

  • We are active members of the Sustainable Winegrowing NZ where our vineyard and viticulture practices are audited annually to comply with standards as required by the Wine Institute of NZ.

Cottage Staff Room:

  • Rainwater collected from roof

  • The cottage is fully insulated

  • Hot water is turned on only if it is needed otherwise cold water is used. Electric jug is used for tea & coffee making
  • Halogen lights are fitted using 30% less energy

  • Recycle – Plastic/Glass/Paper is recycled. Spray containers that are used are collected quarterly & disposed of at Warkworth Collection Centre. Recycled toilet paper is used.